Chris Gregory

I’m 40 (soon to be 41) with my birthday 8th November. Originally I’m from Birmingham, hence the reason why I’m sad enough to support Aston Villa, but moved down to Swindon at a very early age. I was educated at Bradfield College near Reading and eventually moved to Devon in 2013. I married at the age of 22 and have two children that are now doing their GCSE’s.

I worked for local radio in sales for a while in 2014/5. This is my first job in presenting, but one which I’ve wanted for a very long time. The Yachting Hour will be on between 11 and 1 every week day where we play songs from the 60’s through to present day including any requests that you would enjoy. The show is designed for you, the local people. Feel free to contact me and we’ll get your request on air.

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